Lance is sick with fever when he turned 30 months old today.

The rainy cold June weather must have taken its toll on my little boy.

“Hug mommy, hug!” cries Lance wanting to be carried up.

I rub his back and gently stroke his hair while my baby rests his head on my shoulder.

His arms are tightly wrapped around me not wanting to be laid down in bed.

I dance him to sleep.

(No singing. He hits me when I sing.)

The other night, Lance slept in my arms hugging me and yearning for warmth though his temperature was already around 38 degrees.

I covered him in my embrace and my feverish little angel slept soundly.

He was back to his old sleeping self last night, moving restlessly on the bed.

This morning, however, he softly kissed my lips to wake me up.

His temperature dropped a little bit but Lance still has fever.

I plan to bring him to the doctor tomorrow unless the fever is gone.

With the dengue fever epidemic, doctors nowadays are quick to request for blood count test. Since my heart breaks every time a needle touches my son, I chose to observe first for three days and apply home remedies.

We give him Tempra to lower his temperature and Apple Tonic as preventive measure to dengue.

The home remedies seem to be working out.

It’s always easy feeding Lance medicines. He opens his mouth as soon as he sees a spoon being poured with vitamins or medicine.

Apple Tonic, however, is a different case. It’s the awful tangy flavor perhaps that resists him to open his mouth. We force it on Lance until he voluntarily forces himself to bravely take the tonic.

I’m proud of my little boy.

Brave and sweet.

Happy 30 month Birthday, Lance!

Mommy loves you so much.

Get well soon, Baby.