High School

by SingleMomInCebu.com

UCHS 2000

It’s always great to see some old-time buddies.

Especially from high school days.

To sit down and catch up with each other these days is treasure.

Venus, who is now based in New Zealand, is in town to personally share with us the news of her engagement.

Us means me and Jayson, who missed the prior meet-up.

I guess Bing knew it all along even before our soon-to-be-wed friend came over so it wasn’t really news to her anymore.

Anyway, we’re all happy and thrilled for Venus.

There is no wedding date yet but it should be soon.

We haven’t met the lucky guy yet so I’ll spare him further mention.


Jayson, on the other hand, surprised us with his brand new Ford car.

He served as our chauffeur last night.

After dinner at Hikay in Cebu IT Park, Jayson drove us to Dolce in Nivel Hills as well as to our individual homes thereafter.


Meanwhile, Bing and I share common grounds.

We’re both working mommies and recently embarked on new careers.

She as a college teacher and I as a corporate diva.


We talked a lot of things really including of course the yesteryears.

Hope I can share everything here but it would mean a really long post.

Therefore, suffice it to say that we laughed, laughed, and laughed all night.