Six 1st-Half Awesomeness


Single motherhood is tough.

It helps to once in a while count your blessings.

Celebrate small achievements.

Make yourself smile.

Stay positive.

So far, the first half of the year was awesome.

And I can give you six reasons why.

Welcome Manila

6. Travel

In 2010, I moved to Manila to start a new life and career until I found out I was pregnant with Lance. So one rainy day, I booked and took a flight back to Cebu. Three years later, I was there again and Manila greeted me with rain. I was there for work but managed to meet some good old friends (all godparents to Lance) over lunches and dinners.

It was my first trip after I gave birth and it sent me a sign that there are more to come.

Gift Pearls

5. Love

Whoa! Has it been a year for me and the beau? Can’t believe it but for the many times we rationally thought that it’s time to end I guess a year says something.

What do you think?


4. Career

God is good, all the time. After all the struggles of juggling work and motherhood, I finally found the perfect full-time work that gives me more time with Lance. It’s a day job with weekends off, super flexible time, and no more bridge-crossing involved in going to work.

GenSan, General Santos

3. Another Travel

Guess I was right about my first travel last January. It was a sign for more to come. Cebu Daily News (CDN) sent me to a press familiarization tour last March to General Santos City and it was epic! It deserves a separate post. Getting on a zipline touted as the highest in Southeast Asia makes me proud of myself. Besides the giant tunas are deli and the company of fellow lifestyle writers was great.  Well, someone also took my heart away. HiHiHi


2. Stars

As CDN Correspondent, I don’t always get assignments. Only when there is no other writer available and I’m available or when my editor feels generous that I get to cover an event or a press conference.  Thus, I feel lucky to be able to interview showbiz hunks Xian Lim, Alden Richards, and Dingdong Dantes within the first six months of 2013.

Xian is a bit more serious while Alden is really friendly, charming and polite.

Dingdong, on the other hand, is a dream come true. He is the only missing piece to my John Lloyd-Derek-Dingdong hunk collection, which also deserves a separate post. Now, it’s complete. (Big Smile)

No wonder, Marian is so crazy about Dingdong. The guy is so down-to-earth. Walang arte! I really love him.


1. Lance

It made me worry when I found some kids who are the same age with Lance already talking straight. I mean Lance loves to talk. He talks a lot! He can take more than a minute talking about anything usually about his toys and playmates. My little boy though is still on the babbling stage. I end up just nodding to him without really understanding what he meant.

So, it gave me so much joy when Lance recently started to talk in phrases such as “let’s go!”, “wear socks (shoes, shirt, pants, or pajama)”,  “where orange bus (red car, yellow car, or truck), “eat lugaw (porridge)”, “eat scabee (spaghetti)”, “baby scared”, “buy ice cream”, “hug mommy, hug!”, “sakay taxi (or jeep)”, “don’t touch”, “don’t like”, “go (with) mommy”, and my favorite of all “water please!”.

Isn’t it just awesome?

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