Where Did All the Minions Go?

by SingleMomInCebu.com

If you are living in Cebu, you’d know what I mean.

I am not sure in other parts of the Philippines but here in Cebu we are dominated by these Minions.

McDonalds Minions

Two weeks before Despicable Me 2 hit our theaters, McDonalds released these yellow minion Happy Meal toys.

The Minions did not only make the kids happy but the kids at heart, too!

So even before the movie was shown in the Philippines, the cutesy minions are all sold out.

There are nine to collect but I only got six. I’ve rounded all McDonalds branches here in Cebu but there is no more minion to get.

I’ll try again next week.

For now, let me introduce to you Lance’s newest playmates.

Minion TomTom Googly Eyes Grabber.

Minion DaveDave Gadget Grabber

Evil MinionEvil Minion Noisemaker

Evil Minion

Minion StuartStuart Light Up Grabber

Minion Stuart

Minion TimTim Giggling

Minion JerryJerry Breakdancing

My son has been playing a lot with them that’s why they don’t look so shiny and new anymore.

Share your Minions. Did you get all of them?

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