Home Buddy

by SingleMomInCebu.com

20130706-235827.jpgMovie Night at Home.

Movie date did not push through. I was down with menstrual migraine so baby love and I just stayed at home the whole Saturday. Though I did ask him if he wants to go to the movies. His quick reply was “no” maybe because he has no idea what the movies are. My little home buddy was just happy being home with me. He snuggled up to me in bed while a headache nursed me and told me lots of stories which I assume are about the monster that his granny is telling him about everyday so he would nap in the afternoon and the yellow toy car that went missing. He didn’t talk about his minions anymore. Saw him throw them inside his plastic basket. Poor minions, the love must have waned and he’s back to his first love–cars.

Around 9 p.m. I asked him if he wants to ride a jeep with me because thought of going for some late night snacks with the beau. He got excited and immediately said, “Sakay jeep. Mommy wear shirt.” The beau sent a text saying that it’s raining. When I said, “Sorry Lance but it’s still raining,” the little boy answered back, “Finish rain.” I didn’t know that it rained earlier that evening. Oh boy, Lance now knows how to reason. Anyway, I had to make up stories so he won’t force me to get dressed and go out.

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