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Are you familiar with #OOTD posts on Instagram?

Well, today is a kind of like that post. Since I am not really into fashion (so is Lance for sure), I will try to just do it every Sunday. So I will call this type of post as Sunday’s Best, which may not necessarily be outfits of Lance going to church. It can be any regular outfit that my little boy fancies to wear.

In case you don’t know, it’s really difficult to dress a toddler. Especially Lance who at two is already very picky with the clothes he wears. Like he would only wear his Lightning McQueen rubber shoes (as shown in the photos), prefers to wear pants or jeans only (I’m not sure what kind of made up story his granny told that made him wear denim shorts today), and t-shirts that again he alone has a hand to choose.

kids fashion

Today is a success. His Sunday’s Best seemed to have worked altogether. He is wearing a gray woolen sweater vest on top a plain white shirt bought from the bazaar and denim shorts from SM City Cebu. His rubber shoes is from Payless and socks from Guess. The eyeglasses are his granny’s. Don’t worry, it has no grade. Just plain fashion eyeglasses, which he calls as “shades”.

That’s it I think. He looks like Detective Conan.

Hope to post more about kids fashion or Lance in Fashion next Sunday.

The next photo looks like Lance saying, “Noooo!!!” πŸ˜€

kids fashion

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