Cool Off


What’s the best way to let your steam off?

Eat ice cream.

Lance had his late night craving so we headed to nearby 7 Eleven for some sweet cold generous serving of ice cream.

It’s one of the bestsellers in the 24-hour convenience store sold at P15 per huge cone.

My boy loved it!

I did, too. You know when you had a bad day, you just want to get it all off your system. The ice cream did it. Actually, coming home to your son is the quickest relief but sometimes the nagging pissed feeling inside you remains.

Lance asked for a second cone but too much sweet is bad before bedtime so I gently prodded him for us to already go home. Well, my little boy was obviously in a happy mood so he obediently agreed.

We walked home with my son’s hands holding me tightly. The slow strides of his little legs allowed me to think, breathe, and silently enjoy the moment with him. He looked up to me smiling with his wide delightful eyes pointing at the stray dog on the street. He then started talking non-stop about I assume that dog. I really didn’t try to comprehend, all that mattered was his loud happy voice.

The bad day has ended.

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