Freddie Aguilar


If you have noticed, most sections of SingleMomInCebu are still under construction including the FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions).

What I actually plan to do is post real questions from readers of this blog. Since it has just been launched and I am not actively networking, it might take some time to actually fill that section for my baby blog.

However, there’s actually one nagging question that has been so frequently asked to me that I can right away post in the FAQ section.

It’s about this guy:

Freddie Aguilar

“How are you related to Freddie Aguilar?”

Yes, I always get that question since time immemorial. In fact, a classmate who carries the same family name is also ALWAYS being asked the same question, which quickly follows after we say our family name. The classmate and I, by the way, are not totally related.

In case you do not know, Freddie Aguilar is a famous Filipino country singer–songwriter in the late 70’s. He spawned the international hit song Anak, which has been translated to 27 different foreign languages including Japanese.

Freddie Aguilar is also a household name for his rendition of the patriotic song Bayan Ko. (Source:

In Filipino culture, it’s quite normal in every chitchat especially when you have just met for the first time to associate your name to a famous local or international personality such as an actor or actress, politician, and like in my case a singer.

As I have earlier mentioned here, my mom and dad separated when I was five. I do not have any recollection of meeting relatives from my father’s side.

My dad is from Sorsogon in Bicol while Freddie Aguilar hails from Isabela province.

Gene–wise, no one in the family sings well.

So to answer that most frequently asked question:

Freddie Aguilar is my distant uncle.

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