Payday Routine


Lance and the Giant Abacus

Every payday is a Math day.

I do addition, subtraction, and division. Yes, strictly in that order. I wish I can do multiplication after addition.

A single mom needs to be wise with money. Gone are the days when we can go wild as soon as we receive our paychecks and act like one-day millionaires.

So allow me to explain my personal Math process.

I juggle several jobs, thus, every payday I add all the income I get from each of those jobs then subtract the allotted amount for savings then divide whatever is left for Lance, home expenses, and myself.

Sounds easy, right?

The difficult part really is coming up with the desired income. Setting aside for the rainy days has luckily became a habit for me now. It was difficult at first but thinking about the future of my son has made it possible. Of course, I do not sacrifice giving what’s best for my kid now.

Best, however, does not need to be expensive or extravagant. Best should mean giving him the right food, milk, vitamins, and medical treatment. That I lavish my son with.

In terms of toys and clothes, well I choose to be wais.

I must admit, when Lance was like less than a year old, I used to buy him expensive toys, shoes, and clothes. Then, he grew up too fast. The clothes still look good and new but won’t fit anymore. The toys, on the other hand, eventually break no matter how durable or expensive. Do you know how toddlers play? They love throwing things around. The more crashing sound, the more fun it is for them. So gone with expensive toys.

Sometimes though like in dieting, I have my shopping cheat days but only when I earn extra or like after I have set aside for savings and all the basic expenses. It’s like rewarding yourself MINUS the guilty pleasure.

Now, that’s a better math. 🙂

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