Sunday’s Best: Guess for Lance


Sunny Orange

It’s one of those days when Lance loves orange.

He ditches his Lightning McQueen-inspired red shirts and chooses to look more sunny.

Sorry if Lance opted for a serious look in his pose. Maybe, he thinks it would be redundant to smile. 😀

Lance is wearing Guess shirt from his Ninang Niza, jeans from SM City Cebu, Guess socks, and Gibi shoes.

I love how the shirt matched his dark brown and tan shoes. The outfit also perfectly blended with the outdoor brick floor of the Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral Church.

It was a humid afternoon and Lance kept running around. Good thing, the shirt is a bit over-sized allowing me to easily lift it open and wipe his sweat off.

Maybe, Lance can still wear this Guess shirt two years from now. Hopefully, the color would still be as vibrant as the sun.

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