The Bright Side of Failure



Eighteen is the number I finished my 30-Day Blog Challenge.

Sadly, I never completed any time-framed challenges. I failed here, in my previous blog and twitter account. Perhaps, I should stop imposing these kind of challenges on myself.

The reason why I kept on doing it is to cultivate a blogging habit so I can nurture and sustain this blog.

On a positive note, I am doing well. Going more than half-way is the farthest I have gone so far.

Besides, I have also encountered lots of wonderful opportunities along the way.

Met New Friends.
In barely a month of consistent blogging, SingleMomInCebu gained new online friends especially fellow mommy bloggers who give me the pleasure of their time to constantly visit, read, and comment in my humble blogging space. Thank you, Ladies! You know who you are.

Learned New Things.
I am no tech nerd but slowly learning basic html and coding to tweak and give my blog a more decent and clean look.

Received Wonderful Surprises.
When chosen among many established bloggers in the country to join the Jollibee Spaghettiest Moments Challenge, I felt deeply honored and blessed. The winner of the challenge hasn’t been announced yet but win or lose I’m already happy. It also inspired me to keep on blogging.

Failing is really not bad at all.

As they say, the journey is more important than its destination.

Will I still do a self-imposed 30-Day Blog challenge?

Hell, yes!

I still have to get there.

So never give up, never surrender. ๐Ÿ˜‰