What You Really Need to Fight Cancer

by SingleMomInCebu.com


Three months into hibernation deserves an explanation.

First there was the crazy office work load, the Yolanda relief drives, then the holidays. What really temporarily stopped me from blogging though is the giant breast lump that tormented me of possibly having cancer.

It’s crazy, right?

I initially wrote this post five days after my surgery. If you were able to read it, it was a happy post. What I didn’t expect was the post-surgery visit to my doctor on the sixth day with a new update and new biopsy result. Well, I’m still in denial and all I can really say right now is that I feel like Angelina Jolie once more.


I have edited and shortened this post to focus on encouraging you ladies, who chanced upon and reading my humble blog right now, to always self-examine your breasts and immediately see a doctor for any irregularity.

Another way to make sure our boobies are okay is to get aΒ breast ultrasoundΒ every six months.Β This painless 5-minute procedure costs P1,500 at Chong Hua Hospital.

If you’re 40 years old or above, you have to get a mammogram, which costs P2,000 at the same hospital. Heard it’s a bit painful but definitely won’t kill you.

core needleCore Biopsy Needle

I’ll leave the next step to your doctor but in my case which saw a big breast mass, I underwent a core needle biopsy, which costs P15,000. Then, a breast lump surgery for around P50,000. All charged to my company health insurance.

Money usually becomes an issue why some women don’t get themselves checked. I will again update this post should I come up with any organization that offers free breast exams like what I have mentioned above. If you know any, please feel free to let us know through the comments section.

Apart from the breast examinations mentioned above, I personally believe that what you really need to fight cancer is a big deal of courage and faith, lots of it.

I was afraid once and when I finally got the courage to undergo all these procedures, it still left me afraid. As you know, courage is not the absence of fear but the strength to face the unknown. Something that faith alone can give us.

And I remain faithful.

*All images were taken from the Internet.