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Our Jollibee Spaghettiest Moments

Toddlers are picky eaters.

So is Lance.

He is not the rice plus ulam kind of kid. His menu would only revolve around lugaw (porridge), Quaker oats, rice mixed with egg yolk syrup or mashed squash (where we sometimes bury tiny bits of fish or meat), pansit, pizza, and pasta.

Pasta, however, is my little boy’s favorite.

I guess you know where I’m heading to but yes, Jollibee spaghetti is something closer to my son’s stomach heart.

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Jollibee’s Spaghettiest Moments Challenge

Halfway and struggling with my self-imposed 30-Day Blog Challenge, I received an invitation to take on yet another challenge.

The past few weeks were really already crazy at work but since the invitation came from Jollibee assuring me a fun-filled activity with my son Lance, I said, “sure!” right away.

I really have no idea what the activity will be but Jollibee said a kit will be mailed to help me and Lance accomplish the challenge.

The mystery kit arrived Monday afternoon with my mom receiving it at home. It was opened as soon as I arrived from work.

Jollibee Package

Check What’s In The Box

Single Mom Woes


While waiting for my ride last night, I bumped into an old friend. She’s also a single mom with two kids. I was in deep thoughts on where and how to get a nanny for Lance when she suddenly appeared before me.

She and her partner used to be together but less than a year ago, they separated for some extremely complicated reasons.

Last night, she was telling me that she’s been going out a lot lately to shake off the depression brought by the breakup but at the same time feels guilty about it.

Add to that the financial problems of now going solo with the kids as the father has not sent any support since they separated.

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Payday Routine

Lance and the Giant Abacus

Every payday is a Math day.

I do addition, subtraction, and division. Yes, strictly in that order. I wish I can do multiplication after addition.

A single mom needs to be wise with money. Gone are the days when we can go wild as soon as we receive our paychecks and act like one-day millionaires.

So allow me to explain my personal Math process.

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Motherhood has relaxed me in many ways.

You learn to deal with crisis.

Become a juggler.

It’s all a big circus.

Nobody who knows me believes I can manage,

but sometimes I do.

 –Jayne Seymour–

11 0f 30

Six 1st-Half Awesomeness

Single motherhood is tough.

It helps to once in a while count your blessings.

Celebrate small achievements.

Make yourself smile.

Stay positive.

So far, the first half of the year was awesome.

And I can give you six reasons why.

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Lance is sick with fever when he turned 30 months old today.

The rainy cold June weather must have taken its toll on my little boy.

“Hug mommy, hug!” cries Lance wanting to be carried up.

I rub his back and gently stroke his hair while my baby rests his head on my shoulder.

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It’s been over a month since my first post.

Work and mothering you had kept me from blogging. Know though that my memory is fuller and richer with our moments together than what SingleMomInCebu can contain.

As I write, you are soundly sleeping on the bed. You have actually just fell asleep while watching different videos of Lightning McQueen on YouTube.

Yes, you are crazy about the movie Cars both part 1 and 2. You are always quick to say, “McQueen!”, “Mater!”, “cars!”, “bus!”, “truck!”, and “firetruck!” every time you see them in a video, movie, or real life.

Then I’d clap my hands and tell you how very good you are to remember them and articulately say them in words.

Your first word really is “mommy!” which you uttered calling me out when Lolo Junito took you in his arms. You were eight months then. Aunt Celeste and Aunt Jenny are witnesses.

Daddy eventually became your word but referring to your Granny, who takes good care of you when mommy is away for work.

With no househelp at hand, Granny would always put you in front of the PC or laptop to watch cartoons in YouTube so she can do the chores. We showed you a lot of educational shows but it was Barney who caught your fancy.

Then you saw Wheels on the Bus. You’ve almost watched all the videos there is of that nursery song and your penchant for real and toy vehicles began.

Seeing how your eyes open up with so much delight, mommy bought you countless miniature buses for toys. When you discovered the window, you secretly drop some of these bus toys outside.

We actually live in the third floor of a four-story apartment building with a full view of downtown Cebu and vehicle route. You call everything that passes by as “bus!”. Eventually you knew cars, tashi (taxi) and jeep. Still, you call vans as bus and SUVs as big bus.

Your favorite ride, however, is the taxi. You para or hail them every time we wait for a ride on the side of the road. You always sit still and behave when inside a moving cab. You only move or lean on the window when the cab halts but you sit back when it starts to move again.

I paused writing for a moment to kiss you and savor your baby scent. I can’t get enough of your soft sweet smelling skin. I almost can’t stop kissing you–your head, your cheeks, your shoulders, your arms, your armpit, your back, your legs, your feet, and your hands.

It’s one of my favorite moments. Kissing you while you’re peacefully asleep. Gently stroking your hair away from your face. Watching every inch of you.

You are God’s greatest gift to mommy.

A while ago I gave you a stern look so you would sleep. You, my little night owl, slept at 4 a.m. today. You stared back at my eyes for five seconds then maybe realizing that I’m really mad, you took my hand and kissed it. You also went for my thighs and kissed them as well. Usually, you give a kiss on the lips when you know you’ve done something that angered me, your Granny, and your Titos. Thigh and hand kissing are new for today. Perhaps, you’ve learned that when I kissed your yayay on your finger and leg. Anyway, your kisses soften me easily that I let you do your thing–watch YouTube until you fall asleep.

Now, I glance again at you and ending this post to join you in your slumber.